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Nerd Merit Badges Bring Foursquare Achievements to Real Life

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“If you’re a fan of the mobile check-in service Foursquare, why not wear your proverbial badge on your sleeve? A company called Nerd Merit Badges plans on bringing your Foursquare exploits to real life with a series Foursquare Nerd Merit Badges.”

[via BuzzFeed]

[img credit: John Young]




Foursquare Badge: Douchebadge

“Double pop that collar, son!”

Earned for checking in multiple times to venues tagged “Douchebag” by users, the Foursquare Douchebadge is the one that caused a tempest in a teapot on TechCrunch.

Foursquare Badge: Gym Rat

“10x trips in 30 days? Go reward yourself to the nastiest double cheeseburger you can find (bonus points for cheesy fries and milkshakes). And ps: you look nice today!”

Foursquare Badge: JetSetter

“Hopping around the world one airport at a time… congrats on your 5th airport checkin and safe travels!”

When we asked which Foursquare badges to make, this one was at the top of the list!



Written by Christiane

April 12, 2011 at 1:20 pm

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